My name is Jayne. I've lived in Philadelphia for most of my life. I started out as an Art major in college, but found my true passion in photography. Luckily, I changed majors and met my husband in the school's darkroom!

Since 1990, I've worked in many jobs in the photographic field. From one hour photo printing to working in professional photographic labs. I've worked in 3 large pro lab darkrooms developing film, slides, printing custom enlargements and murals as well as customer service. During high school, I worked as a day care assistant learning to interact with 3 and 4 year olds on their level. All of these jobs made me the person and photographer I am today. I believe in good customer service. You can trust me with your memories.

As a photographer, I've photographed pretty much everything. I see beauty in everything and everyone. I love taking the photographs you will hang on your wall and show off to your family. I love photographing people, especially children. They are naturals when it comes to posing and just being silly. I should know, I have three children of my own.

I currently reside in beautiful Bear, Delaware. I still do many jobs at venues in Philadelphia and Delaware County as well as parts of New Jersey. I'm now close to the Maryland border and would gladly travel there for a job.